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Week In Review

By Lorena Guzmán-Díaz

Edited by Elissa D. Hecker

Below, for your browsing convenience, the categories are divided into: Entertainment, Arts, Sports, Technology/Media, and General News.


Their Songs Were Stolen by Phantom Artists. They Couldn’t Get Them Back.

Bad Dog, a group from D.C., was forced to take a crash course in streaming fraud, a shadowy realm that costs musicians $2 Billion a year.

Jewish Group Assails Film Academy’s Diversity Efforts

An open letter signed by notable actors and producers criticized the organization for not including Jews as an underrepresented group as part of a new initiative.

FKA Twigs Assails ‘Double Standards’ After Her Calvin Klein Ad Is Banned in Britain

A British advertising watchdog agency said it was reviewing complaints about a new, similarly steamy Calvin Klein campaign featuring the actor Jeremy Allen White.


Setback for Heirs in Long-Running Nazi Art Restitution Case

A U.S. Court of Appeals decision allows a Spanish museum to keep a Pissarro in a dispute that has lasted nearly two decades.

Anne Frank’s Diary, ‘Schindler’s List’ Among Titles at Center of Major Florida Book-Ban Lawsuit

A Florida school district heading to court in a closely watched legal challenge over book bans recently removed more than 1,600 books, including Anne Frank’s original diary.

After Fake Basquiats, Orlando Museum Faces ‘Severe Financial Crisis’

The Orlando Museum of Art, which mounted what was supposed to be a major Basquiat exhibition of works that were later exposed as forgeries, is facing a large shortfall amid high legal fees.


In the N.F.L. and at Big Companies, Diversity Playbooks Face Hurdles

The league’s successes and struggles are playing out in hundreds of companies that have emulated its Rooney Rule in trying to hire more people from underrepresented groups.

ESPN Used Fake Names to Secure Emmys for ‘College GameDay’ Stars

In March 2023, Shelley Smith, who worked 26 years as an on-air reporter for ESPN, received a call from Stephanie Druley, then the network’s head of studio and event production. Druley said she wanted to talk about something “serious” that needed to stay between the two of them, Smith recalled. She then told Smith that Smith needed to return two sports Emmy statuettes that she had been given more than a decade earlier.

Misogyny, Sexism, Sexual Assault: Being a Woman in Men’s Football is Exhausting

Nancy Froston emphasizes the ongoing struggle against sexism in women's football, but also presents a hopeful perspective by highlighting the progress that has been achieved. She calls for continued support and advocacy to combat discrimination and create equal opportunities for women within the sport.

Israel Barred From World Ice Hockey Championships for Security Reasons

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) barred Israel from its world championships to ensure the “safety and well-being” of all participants, including Israelis. The Israeli Ice Hockey Association said it will lodge a protest over the IIHF decision with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

South African National Cricket Team Removes Jewish Captain, Citing Anti-Israel Protests Against Him

David Teeger, a rising star on South Africa’s cricket scene, was removed as the country’s Under-19 team captain on the eve of the world championship competition.

Former IBU Leader Besseberg Charged With Aggravated Corruption

The former head of the International Biathlon Union (IBU), Anders Besseberg, is charged with 'aggravated corruption' for allegedly covering up Russian doping by using sexual favors with prostitutes and hunting expeditions as 'currency'.

Media / Technology

Elections and Disinformation Are Colliding Like Never Before in 2024

A wave of elections coincides with state influence operations, a surge of extremism, A.I. advances and a pullback in social media protections.

State Legislators, Wary of Deceptive Election Ads, Tighten A.I. Rules

Sophisticated political deepfakes have warped elections overseas. Can U.S. legislators act fast enough to make A.I. campaign ads more transparent?

Lawmakers Push U.S. to Consider Trade Limits With A.I. Giant Tied to China

A Congressional committee made the demand of the Commerce Department after The New York Times reported on concerns among U.S. intelligence officials over the Emirati company, G42.

A Hack of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Social Media Account Caused a Bitcoin Frenzy, Briefly and Prompts Investigation

The X account of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the approval of an investment product linked to Bitcoin. It wasn’t true. Legal experts said investigators would look into how the security breach occurred and whether anyone tried to profit from it.

Dark Corners of the Web Offer a Glimpse at A.I.’s Nefarious Future

In the hands of anonymous internet users, A.I. tools can create waves of harassing and racist material. It’s already happening on the anonymous message board 4chan.

No, That’s Not Taylor Swift Peddling Le Creuset Cookware

The singer did not promote a giveaway of the popular cookware, but an artificially generated version of her voice suggested otherwise.

Hochul to Propose A.I. Research Center Using $275 Million in State Funds

The “Empire A.I.” project would be a public-private partnership aimed at making New York a key player in artificial intelligence research.

OpenAI Says New York Times Lawsuit Against It Is ‘Without Merit’

The artificial intelligence start-up said that it collaborated with news organizations and that The New York Times, which accused it of copyright infringement, was not telling the full story.

U.S. Criminally Charges eBay in Cyberstalking Case

The case involves eBay employees trying to intimidate a Massachusetts couple who write and produce an e-commerce newsletter. The company will pay a criminal penalty of $3 million.

TikTok Quietly Curtails Data Tool Used by Critics

TikTok quietly restricted one of its few tools to help measure the popularity of trends on the video app after the tool’s results were used by researchers and lawmakers to scrutinize content on the site related to geopolitics and the Israel-Hamas war.

Ecuador Plunges Into Crisis Amid Prison Riots and Gang Leader’s Disappearance

The president declared a state of emergency and ordered the military to “neutralize” dozens of gangs. Gunmen stormed a TV studio as cameras rolled.

General News

U.S. Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen for Second Day, as Conflict Escalates

The military fired at a target in response to rising attacks on Red Sea shipping, which the Houthis linked to the war between Israel and Hamas.

Menendez Lashed Out in the Senate. Now, He’s Fighting Back in Court.

Lawyers for Senator Robert Menendez filed a dismissal motion, offering a first glimpse into the New Jersey Democrat’s defense strategy.

Conservatives Revolt Anew Over Johnson Deal to Avert Shutdown

A dozen hard-line Republicans ground business to a halt in protest of the deal Speaker Mike Johnson struck with Democrats to avert a shutdown, leaving the funding package in limbo.

Johnson Says He’ll Stand by Deal to Avert Shutdown, Spurning Hard-Right Demands

The House speaker is facing intense pressure from far-right Republicans to abandon the agreement he struck with Democrats to keep the government from partially shutting down.

Surprised by New Details About Austin’s Health, White House Orders Review

The president learned only Tuesday that his defense secretary had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a month ago and had surgery under general anesthesia in December, aides said.

Panel on Boeing Plane May Not Have Been Properly Attached, Agency Says

The National Transportation Safety Board’s statement about the Max 9 jet that had a midair blowout came hours after two airlines reported finding loose parts on some Max 9s.

N.R.A. Leader Accused of Unchecked Spending as Corruption Trial Begins

The New York attorney general is seeking penalties against several current and former leaders of the embattled gun-rights group.

Appeals Court Seems Skeptical of Trump’s Immunity Claim

A three-judge panel appeared unlikely to grant the former president’s request that it throw out federal criminal charges that he plotted to overturn the 2020 election.

Trump’s Argument for Immunity in 2024 Is the Opposite of His Stance in 2021

During his second impeachment trial, the former president argued that criminal prosecution was a more appropriate way to seek accountability since he had left office.

Oregon Supreme Court Lets Trump Stay on Primary Ballot, for Now

The court denied a challenge to Trump’s ballot eligibility under the 14th Amendment, saying it would wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in a similar case.

Trump Delivers Final Words of His Defense’s Closing Arguments in Fraud Trial

He directly attacked New York’s attorney general and the judge overseeing the case. The former president faces a $370 Million penalty in the trial, which threatens his family business.

Court Papers Offer Glimpse of Trump’s Defense in Classified Documents Case

The former president’s lawyers may question whether the documents he took from the White House were related to national defense and whether the country’s security was damaged.

U.S. to Seek Death for Man Who Killed 10 in Racist Supermarket Massacre

The decision to seek the execution of the man who carried out the slaughter in Buffalo is a first for the Biden administration. The president ran in opposition to the death penalty.

15 States Shut Out Food Aid for 8 Million Children

Congress approved a Biden administration initiative to feed poor children during the summer, but 15 states opted out.

The New Space Race Is Causing New Pollution Problems

Earth’s stratosphere has never seen the amount of emissions and waste from rockets and satellites that a booming space economy will leave behind.

Federal Regulator Questions Carmakers About Unwanted Tracking via Their Apps

The Federal Communications Commission is concerned about abusive partners using connected car apps to harass and track their victims.

In New York, Hochul Says State of the State Is Concerning, but Fixable

Gov. Kathy Hochul, in her annual State of the State address, trumpeted her achievements while highlighting a series of intractable problems facing New York.

Chairman of Florida Republican Party Is Ousted Amid Scandal

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott have called for the resignation of the chairman, Christian Ziegler, who is being investigated for sexual assault.

Grand Jury Declines to Indict Ohio Woman Who Miscarried at Home

In a case that had drawn international attention, Brittany Watts had been charged with abuse of a corpse after miscarrying and disposing of the nonviable fetus.

In Newark, 16-Year-Olds Win the Right to Vote in School Board Races

New Jersey’s largest city will allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote. Supporters hope it’s the start of a statewide and national movement.

Just How Wild Is This Week’s Weather? One Image Tells the Tale.

Each weekday morning, FEMA releases a map showing weather hazards around the country. It’s starting to get a little out of hand.

In a Setback for Beijing, Taiwan Elects Lai Ching-te as President

Taiwan’s vice president, whose party has emphasized the island’s sovereignty, defeated an opposition party that favors reviving engagement with China.

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