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Elissa recently appeared with Jennifer Carr on her "Connected Conversations For Creatives" podcast to discuss, "At The Intersection of Law and Imagination" and the legal ramifications that have arisen for creators and their works.

Elissa appeared with Anyelis Cordero on her #BusinessBestie podcast Episode 5 to discuss "Protecting Your Small Business" and share DIY examples with legal and HR documents that lead to problems for businesses down the road, emphasizing the importance of having the right structures in place.

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Elissa appeared for a fifth visit with Dr. Robyn Odegaard on her #QuickHits podcast along with Cole Galloway and Joey Robert Parks to discuss, "What is a good/helpful response when someone tells you bad or sad personal news?"

Elissa appeared for a fourth time with Dr. Robyn Odegaard on her #QuickHits podcast along with Jim Tam and Bo Short to discuss, "At work, what makes a leader a bully vs having high expectations and creating accountability?"

Elissa appeared for a third visit with Dr. Robyn Odegaard on her #QuickHits podcast along with Jim Lee and Brandon Mahoney to discuss, "What is your conflict resolution style when does it serve you well and when is it not ideal?"

Elissa appeared for a second visit with Dr. Robyn Odegaard on her #QuickHits podcast along with Jim Lee and Brandon Mahoney to discuss, "What makes a group a clique?"

Elissa appeared with Dr. Robyn Odegaard on her #QuickHits podcast along with Jim Tam and Catherina Navarro to discuss the finer points in differentiating between feedback, calling someone out and scolding them.

Elissa appeared with Robin Colucci on The Author's Corner podcast, sharing her extensive experience in contracts, licensing, copyright law, and all the technical aspects of business affairs. Stay tuned to make sure you protect yourself, your business, and your intellectual property!

Elissa appeared with Rosie Zilinskas on her No Woman Left Behind podcast, discussing corporate negotiation tactics and knowing one's worth in today's ever-evolving intellectual copryright marketplace.

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Madilynn Dale welcomed Elissa to her popular "The Chapter Goddess - Book Chat" podcast. Elissa discussed important legal issues facing authors and illustrators; especially with collaborations, publishing agreements, negotiations, and the confidence to move forward in all of these relationships. The audio-only version of the podcast is available here.

Check out Elissa's appearance on Rain Maker's RoundUp with host Marc Iorio from RVN Television!

On January 27, 2022, Elissa was honored at The Annual Justice for All Awards Ceremony as Outstanding Pro Bono Volunteer of the Year. View the presentation and hear what she had to say below.

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"Thank you again to Elissa for being the spotlight sponsor of this Open Forum group these past weeks.  Elissa - I really appreciate how you have brought us a mix of professional expertise together with value-based insights. This is so reflective of the culture I am seeking to build in this group - not just recognizing but also embracing the reality that our work and our lives are integrated.  Work and life are not silos - thank you for helping us to remember that."  - Laurie

                      Laurie Hirsh Schultz

                      Transformation Coach & Consultant

                      LHS Coaching

Recently, Elissa was pleased to offer general contract advice to the Collaborative Community for Small Business Owners from LHS Coaching.

Check out Elissa's webinar focusing on Copyright & Coronavirus

Here is her Webinar featuring Contract & Coronavirus

Lastly, click here to access the webinar Elissa held in April for the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts focusing on Contracts in the Age of the Ongoing COVID Pandemic.

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