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This Week in Theater News

By Bennett Liebman

M&T Ends Shea’s Sponsorship

10x10 in the Berkshires

Upstate Live Theaters Unite

Jason Alexander to Direct on Broadway

Three Theater Picks

Backstage at the Stardust Diner

Hank Beebe Obit

Hansberry Play to Open

Making Theater Available to the Deaf

Llana and Ricamora Back in Here Les Love

Cast for Room

Honoring Stephen McKinley Henderson

1776 in Phladelphia

Cornelia treet Review

Actors’ Equity Name Change?

New British Musicals

Fighting Over Drag

Telling Stories of Sexual Abuse

ATG Partners with Jujamcyn

Avatar on Broadway?

Adrian Hall

New Britney Spears Musical

Broadway’ Loyalty Program

Reviewing Pictures from Home

Smearing Feces on a Critic

Director Fired for Feces Toss

21 Pivotal Moments in Broadway Black History

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This Week in Theater News

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