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Week In Review

By Audrey Glover-Dichter Edited by Elissa D. Hecker

Below, for your browsing convenience, the categories are divided into: Entertainment, Arts, Sports, Technology/Media, and General News:


How to Prove Co-Ownership of a Song Derived From a Prior One?

According to the Court in Jefferson v. Raisen et al., one must prove control and intent and who has "exclusive or near-exclusive control" of the original work to claim co-ownership. As for intent, the Court stated the "author must intend to contribute to a joint work at the time ... the alleged contribution is made." This case concerns Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" and her second motion to dismiss was granted.

How COVID affected Television

COVID led to movies being released via streaming services. TV shows were cancelled or delayed. The lesson? Flexibility and moving forward, new safety protocols.

A Different Oscar Event

This year's Oscars were much different than the usual celebratory event and more diverse. The venue was different and smaller. The awards were the same but in different order. The speeches were longer. The best actor award was the biggest surprise.

Transparency Welcomed at the Grammy Awards

Organizers of the Grammys announced that there will no longer be a secret committee for nominations. The Academy is switching to a peer-to-peer vote system allowing the entire voting membership voting rights.

China Sensors Oscars as Chloe Zhao Wins Oscar for Best Movie

Although Zhao was born in China, sensors chose to block celebratory posts on social media.


The Extent of Fair Use

The Andy Warhol Foundation filed a petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc with the Second Circuit in The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc, v. Lynn Goldsmith and Lynn Goldsmith, LTD.. The Second Circuit previously found for Lynn Goldsmith, stating that Warhol's use of her photograph of the artist Prince was not a fair use.

Fair Use of Copyrighted Architectural Designs

The Seventh Circuit discussed the fair use concept applicable to copyrighted architectural designs. In particular, it addressed the limitations of design and functionality of homes and rejected claims from what it called a "copyright troll".

Publisher WW Norton Permanently Puts Roth Biography Out of Print

Philip Roth is facing several allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior as an eighth grade teacher. Although the book it is a bestselling biography written by Blake Bailey, the author, Bailey can publish elsewhere.

Broadway Opening Soon!

Below is the link to where Broadway shows post opening dates and ticket purchasing. Enjoy!

Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT) Award Winner Scott Rudin Steps Back

Rudin has been described as having "rude, offensive or outrageous behavior...." He is also described as volatile, vengeful, and abusive. Members of the industry held a march to protest peacefully against such behavior.

COVID's Effects on India's Fashion Industry

Given the bleak situation in India with COVID, the fashion industry sector that caters to designers is suffering economically. Factories are shut, hurting the global luxury supply chain as well, and since the pandemic began, those who make the clothes in such factories often are not paid back pay, regular wages or any benefits.


Mark Emmert's Contract as President of NCAA Extended Until the End of 2025

Regardless of the several recent issues with the NCAA, especially dealing with gender equality problems, the board of members surprisingly extended Emmert's contract.

Is it Safe to Hold the Tokyo Olympics?

The International Olympis Committee (IOC) claims that the Tokyo Olympics can be held safely, pointing to other big sporting events as proof. However, the Olympic Games are a much bigger and wider event than any event used by the IOC to support its claim. In addition, the IOC stated that it will not require vaccinations to participate, raising concerns.

Running Blades Rejected by World Athletics

U.S. Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper, who is a double amputee, filed an application to be able to run using particular running prostheses at the Olympics. Leeper's application was denied.

The Golden State Warriors Launched a New Non-Fungible Token

The Golden State Warriors are the first National Basketball Asssociation (NBA) team to launch its own non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs are popular with NBA fans who are collectors.

Braves Announced Full Capacity at Truist Park

Beginning on May 7th, the Braves plan to be at full capacity due to the vaccines being extensively available. The Braves will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies that day.

English Soccer Boycotts Social Media

Due to online growing abusive and harassing racists comments, teams will protest by not posting all weekend.


Facebook v. Apple on Privacy

Apparently, Facebook is not happy about the new privacy settings offered by Apple. The latest version of IOS gives the consumer greater privacy rights, including declining tracking.

Incorrect Story Leads to Reporter Resignation

New York Post reporter Laura Italiano, who incorrectly wrote a story about Kamala Harris' book being distributed to migrant children, resigned. Italiano claims that she was "ordered" to write the story.

Apple v. Spotify in the European Union

Spotify complained about Apple's app store rules on developers and the European Union filed antitrust charges against Apple.

TikTok Used by domestic Workers in the Gulf region

Posts about abuse, isolation, and dire working conditions lead domestic workers to use TikTok as their platform to share their experiences.

Critical Posts Ordered Deleted by India

As the COVID situation has worsened in India, people posted criticism as to how the virus outbreak is being handled by the government.

General News

Biden's First Speech to Congress Covers Ambitious Programs

Among the many ambitious programs touched by the speech, Biden discussed potentially the biggest one of all, infrastructure. The plan is being presented as moving the country forward by producing new jobs in the green industry and others.

The Letter "a" Formed a Noteworthy Alliance Among SCOTUS Justices

Three conservative Justices joined the three liberal Justices in a 6-3 decision regarding the details required in "a notice to appear" for deportation proceedings. According to the ruling, "a" equals to a single notice, which must contain all required information.

SCOTUS Heard Arguments on Students' Free Speech Rights

A cheerleader in Pennsylvania posted on SnapChat how she felt about not making the varsity cheer squad. A primary factor in the discussion is that she posted after school and off school grounds.

Latest Biden Judiciary Picks

President Biden introduced a diverse group that was vetted by the Senate.

2020 Census and Lawsuits

Per legal requirements, the data should have been released by December 31, 2020. However, it was instead released on Monday, April 26th. Lawsuits have been filed in several states and more are expected, particularly from states that lost seats.

Military Law is Being Updated

Sexual harassment, sexual assault and other crimes investigations will be triggered by reporting such crimes to a third party outside in the chain of command, per the bill introduced in the House.

Congress Likely to Give IRS Funding Increase

Proposed bills would increase funding for the IRS for IT upgrades, training, and performing more audits for tax evasion.

Methane Rules are Back

The Senate reversed the methane emissions rules rollback from the last administration. The vote was 52-42.

Migrant Children are Moved to Shelters

Apparently, there is an 80% drop of migrant children being held at Customs and Border Patrol facilities at the border.

Leaders in the GOP Protest Against the Biden Administration's Anti-Racist Education Push

Mitch McConnell leads the outcry against Biden's priority for anti-racist eduction. The GOP calls such education "biased and divisive."

Federal Hate Crime Charges for Three Men who Killed a Black Jogger in Georgia

Ahmaud Arbery was allegedly shot and killed by three white men who pleaded not guilty to murder charges. The three defendants also pleaded not guilty in state court.

Another Week and Another GOP State Attempts to Suppress Voting Rights

Florida, which is a heavily Republican state, is the latest state to suppress voter rights. The main points of the proposed law are 1) no more automatic vote by mail ballots, forcing voters to request them before every election, 2) no more drop boxes, and 3) only voters or "immediate" family can collect and deliver ballots.

More Sexual Assault Claims in NY Politics

A former intern to Scott Stringer claims that he sexually assaulted and groped her. Such allegations lead to the the Working Families Party rescinding support for Stringer's race for mayor.

Guilty for Making Death Threats Against Democratic Elected Officials

A NY man, who posted videos online after the January 6th insurrection, was found guilty for making such threats. This is one more out of many cases following the attack on the Capitol.

Giuliani's Home and Office Raided by the FBI

As part of the criminal investigation regarding Giuliani's affairs with Ukraine, several electronics, including phones, were seized.

NASA Mars Helicopter Successful

As the helicopter had four successful flights, it receives a new mission. It will focus on different targets not accessible by rovers.

Kremlin Shuts Down Navalny Network

The Navalny network is comprised of the Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation, Navalny headquarters with regional offices, and another group called the Citizen's Rights Protection Organization. Apparently, such organizations are considered a "threat to Russia's constitutional order."

Navalny's Lawyer Arrested in Russia

Ivan Pavlov, who represents Navalny and is a top human rights attorney in Russia, was arrested.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Updates Mask Wearing Protocol

Fully inoculated people do not need to wear masks outside except in crowded places. Further, fully vaccinated people do not need to quarantine any more.

Should the USA Send Vaccines Abroad?

Apparently the administration's COVID team seems to be split over whether the USA is in a position to send vaccines abroad and if so, to which ones and how many doses.

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