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Week In Review

By Jessie Schuster

Edited by Elissa D. Hecker


Judge Rejects ‘Top Gun’ Copyright Claim from Author’s Heirs

It has been ruled that “Top Gun: Maverick” did not infringe on the copyright of article writers who wrote about the Navy pilots that inspired the film in a lawsuit brought by the writers’ heirs.

X Denies Music Companies’ Remaining Piracy Liability Claims in Court

X is denying all copyright infringement claims brought against the platform by a group of record labels as the platform comments on the record labels’ demand for “unconstitutionally excessive and disproportionate damages.”

Major Music Companies Fight Back Against Unlicensed AI In New ICMP-LED Initiative

A new resource for music rightsholders has been launched that will assist in protecting rights against unlicensed exploitation of works as an attempt to bring awareness to AI companies about copyright regulation.

Vocalist AI Unveils Vocal Cloning Platform That Pays Royalties to Voice Models         

A new AI platform will transform users’ vocal input into the voice of famous singers and rappers while providing the artists who contribute their voices to the platform with royalties.

Spotify Plans to Let Subscribers Speed Up Songs – And Pay Rightsholders When Those Modified Tracks are Streamed

Spotify announced plans to allow users to manipulate audio in attempts to compete with TikTok while still paying rightsholders for edited versions of their work.

New Federal Bill Could Require Disclosure of Songs Used in AI Training             

The Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act has been introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff. The Bill would make a move against AI by requiring AI companies to either face a financial penalty or disclose what copyrighted works have been used to train their AI-bots.

Arizona’s ‘Taylor Swift Bill,’ Proposing Civil Penalties for Bot-Powered Ticket Purchases, Moves One Step Closer to Becoming Law

Arizona’s Taylor Swift Bill has been passed by the state’s Senate and House, bringing it one step closer to becoming law.


Taylor Swift’s Music is Back on TikTok Despite Dispute With UMG

Just one week before she is set to release her new album, Taylor Swift secured her spot back on TikTok despite the ongoing UMG dispute.

Jonathan Majors Sentenced to 1 Year of Counseling in Domestic Assault Case

Jonathan Majors avoided jail time with a sentence of 1 year of in-person domestic violence counseling following his conviction of assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend.

Morgan Wallen Charges for Throwing Chair Off Roof of Nashville Bar

Country star Morgan Wallen is facing 3 felony counts of reckless endangerment, along with one disorderly conduct misdemeanor, after throwing a chair off the roof of a Nashville bar. The chair landed just steps away from Nashville police officers.


Artist Mary Miss Sues to Stop Des Moines Art Center From Demolishing Her Work

Mary Miss has sued Des Moines Art Center in an attempt to stop the Iowa Arts Center from demolishing her work that is part of an outdoor installation. The Art Center plans the demolition due to repair and maintenance costs.


Nonprofit Theaters Are in Trouble. Lawmakers are Proposing Help.

Lawmakers have proposed a $1B annual allocation for nonprofit theaters that are struggling to grow audiences with rising expenses.


Forced by Court, Philadelphia Theater Shows Israeli Film After Initial Cancellation

After Bryn Mawr’s Movie theater called off a screening of “The Child Within Me,” a court has forced the theater to show the film portraying the life of Yehuda Poliker in a ruling making theater’s move a breach of contract.

Da Vinci Has Been Dead for 500 Years. Who Gets to Profit from His Work?

A 1,000 piece puzzle is raising questions over who is allowed to profit from Da Vinci’s work when it is in the public domain but also being used on products like puzzles.


Shohei Ohtani’s Former Interpreter Surrenders to Authorities on Bank Fraud Charges

Ippei Mizuhara, former interpreter of MLB Player Shohei Ohtani, was federally charged with bank fraud amidst allegations of stealing over $16M.

NFL Raises Standard for Helmet Performance as Five New Models Achieve Record-High Testing Results

Five new helmets have been introduced for the 2024 season as the NFL and NFLPA announced rapid improvements in position specific helmets that tested “better than any helmet ever worn.”

World Athletics Introduces $50,000 Prize Money for Paris 2024 Olympic Gold Medalists

World Athletics has announced that for the first time, gold medalists at the Olympics will receive a cash prize from the prize pot of $2.4M set aside for winners.

NYCFC Stadium Next to Citi Field Approved by NY City Council

The NYC Council has approved the plans to build a new stadium with 25,000 seats for NYCFC next to Citi Field. The $780M, 9 acre stadium will open in 3 years and feature new nearby hotels, stores, housing, and a public school.

WNBA Commissioner Wants New Media-Rights Deal to Double Old One

The “Caitlin Clark” effect has made thousands of new women’s basketball fans this March Madness season, and now the WNBA’s commissioner, Cathy Engelberg, is seeking a new media deal that will “at least” double the current rights fees as Clark enters the league – a change that could finally put an end to women’s sports being undervalued.

Iowa-S.C. Women’s Game Smashes Records – Most Watched Basketball Matchup Since 2019

Women’s college basketball has made history as the NCAA championship game becomes the most watched basketball game, for men and women, since a 2019 NBA game.

Billie Jean King Wants to Change the Playbook for Female Founders

Tennis star and businesswoman Billie Jean King has devoted her career to equal pay for women athletes, and now she continues to make strides as she works to help women’s sports increased media exposure while acting as a mentor to female founders throughout the business world.

Media & Technology

How Tech Giants Cut Corners to Harvest Data for AI

In order to obtain data needed to help advance the technology used by giants like OpenAI, Google, and Meta, the companies have cut corners by ignoring corporate policies and came close to “bending the law.”

Hollywood Labor Backs AI Transparency Bill That Could Offer Firepower to Creators

The possibility for artists to sure AI companies for using their work to train AI bots is growing as legislation might be passed providing evidence of the improper use of copyrighted works.

Maryland Adds New Dimensions to U.S. Comprehensive State Privacy Law Patchwork

Maryland’s new proposed law has potential to become one of the strictest comprehensive privacy laws in the country, with the bill putting a full prohibition on sensitive data sales.


Amazon CEO Touts AI Revolution While Committing to Cost Cuts

Andy Jassy’s letter to shareholders shows his excitement over AI, as it could be a catalyst to the “largest tech transformation since the internet.”

Woman Who Stole and Sold Ashley Biden Diary Sentenced to Month in Jail and Home Detention

The woman responsible for stealing and selling Ashley Biden’s diary to a right leaning media group is facing 1 month in federal jail plus 3 months of home detention and a $20,000 fine, followed by 3 years of probation.

French Government Hit with Cyberattacks of ‘Unprecedented’ Intensity

The French Government has activated an unprecedented crisis unit to deal with the unforeseen cyber attacks on several government websites and ministerial services.

General News

Biden Administration Sets First-Ever Limits On ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water

The first national drinking water limit on toxic substances has been set by the Biden Administration, a move that will reduce exposure to “forever chemicals” and prevent cancer and other illnesses in around 100 million people across the country.

Fourth Time’s the Charm: House Passes Controversial Spying Bill After Bitter Infighting

The House has officially approved the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act after 3 previous attempts to pass the bill.

Biden Administration Announces Plans to Expand Background Checks to Close “Gun Show Loophole”

Requirements to perform background checks at gun shows will be expanding as per Biden’s new approach to close the “gun show loophole.”

Capitol Police Hires Prosecutors to Investigate Threats to Lawmakers

Three special prosecutors have been hired by the U.S. Capitol Police to investigate thousands of threats made to lawmakers, staff, and families of lawmakers, which have significantly increased since the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol.

Jennifer and James Crumbley, Parents of Michigan School Shooter, Sentenced to 10 to 15 Years for Manslaughter

In 2 separate trials, the parents of Ethan Crumbley have been sentenced to 10-15 years for 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter, a decision that will set precedent for parents of school shooters going forward.

Arizona Supreme Court Rules That a Near-Total Abortion Ban From 1864 is Enforceable

A 160-year old law in Arizona that makes abortion a felony with a punishment of 2-5 years in prison has been upheld by the state’s Supreme Court.

An Oil Company is Trespassing on Tribal Land in Wisconsin, Justice Dept. Says

The Department of Justice has argued that a Canadian Oil company lacks legal right to remain on tribal lands it has been trespassing on in the US for over a decade.

National Sciences Academy Asks Court to Strip Sackler Name from Endowment

The National Sciences Academy is hoping to repurpose the $30M donated by the Sackler family and strip the name from endowment funds in attempts to distance the family at the center of the opioid pandemic from the Academy.

Brooklyn Lawyer Pleads Not Guilty to Stealing $3.8M From Clients

Brooklyn Lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo has pleaded not guilty after being accused of using funds from one client to pay off others while living an extravagant lifestyle, totaling $3.8M in stolen client funds.

Ex-Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg Sentenced to 5 Months for Perjury in Trump Civil Trial

After pleading guilty to 2 counts of perjury, ex-Trump CFO will spend 5 months at Rikers Island.

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