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Week In Review

By Jessie Schuster

Edited by Elissa D. Hecker


‘Rust’ Armorer Hanna Gutierrez Reed Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in Accidental Shooting

A jury has decided that armorer Hanna Gutierrez, the woman responsible for handling weapons on the set of ‘Rust’, is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Reed faces a sentence up to 18 months.

Charges Abruptly Dropped in ‘Hotel California’ Lyrics Trial

A shocking decision to drop the case regarding the handwritten lyrics of “Hotel California” has come as prosecutors sent a letter to Judge Farmer mentioning that while they believe the evidence they have to be true, it is not enough to move forward in the case.

Sinéad O’Connor’s Estate to Trump: “Desist From Using Her Music Immediately”

Former President Trump has been told by the estate of late singer Sinéad O’Connor’s estate to immediately desist from using the song “Nothing Compares 2 U” at his campaign rallies, as O’Connor would have been “disgusted, hurt, and insulted” to have her work portrayed at these events when she had previously regarded Trump as someone who she found to be a “biblical devil.”

IATSE and Other Crew Unions Make Pension and Health Proposals as Bargaining Begins

IATSE and the Hollywood Basic Crafts unions began proposing new plans for pension and health items after union leaders warned that a deal must be reached before the July 31st contract deadline.


Betting on Oscars: Why More States Allow Legal Wagering on Hollywood’s Big Night

More states are beginning to allow legal sports betting on award shows, including the Oscars, as sports betting in the context of award shows is being used as a business strategy for major entertainment and media companies.


Disgraced But Embraced: Pop Culture Pariahs Are Making Big Comebacks

Just a few years after having their careers questioned by cancel-culture, some of the biggest disgraced stars are making their way back to screens and top charts, including Shane Gillis, who hosted Saturday Night Live after being fired from the cast for use of slurs on a podcast and Kanye West, whose new album reached number 3 on the Hot 100 charts, despite his antisemitic rhetoric.

Roman Polanski Defamation Trial in France Kicks Off

British actress Charlotte Lewis will face director Roman Polanski in France after she brought charges against him for defaming her by calling the sexual assault allegations she brought against him a “heinous lie.”

Singapore Leader Defends Exclusive Taylor Swift Concert Deal That’s Riling Asian Neighbors

For the first time on her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift has secured an exclusive deal with Singapore that prevents her from performing her show anywhere else in Southeast Asia. While fans feel as though they are being deprived of seeing the star, Prime Minister Lee argues that the deal is helping rebuild Singapore by promoting post-COVID tourism.


Artist Julia Sinelnikova Sues New York’s Museum of Sex

An artist is suing the Museum of Sex for using images of her and her ex-girlfriend in ads on subways and bus stops around NYC to promote the museum’s exhibition “Superfunland” without her consent. The photo being used was taken in an unpaid shoot in 2019, and after failing to obtain a release and compensate the artist, the museum is facing a $250,000 lawsuit.

Why Is There No Oscar for Best Choreography

It is no secret that choreography is an essential part of movie-making, but recognition for the art of dance goes unnoticed and uncelebrated at Hollywood’s biggest night, as the Oscars fails to have a category acknowledging this skill.

Book Startup Pitches Authors a Novel Deal: $0 Up Front, Bigger Profits

James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits”, signed a deal that will give him stake in the business of his books instead of just getting paid advances. The new company was started by former executives of the big publishing companies who want to work differently with authors.

Gabriel García Márquez’s Last Novel Published Against His Wishes

Author Gabriel García Márquez came close to finishing his final novel before his death 10 years ago, but never did and then ordered his sons to “rip it up.” The author’s sons decided almost a decade later to release the novel, after staying as true to their father as they could. No new language was added and several versions of the unfinished work were used to complete the short novel.

‘Decolonizing’ Ukrainian Art, One Name-and-Shame Post at a Time

Oksana Semenik, a Ukrainian art enthusiast, is ensuring through a social media campaign that museums and art appreciators alike end the long overlooked Ukrainian art scene, as for decades the art has been portrayed as Russian.


EA Sports Says Over 10K Athletes Accepted NIL Deal for College Football Video Game

Over 10K athletes and 124 schools will be featured in EA’s new college football video game, with players earning a minimum of $600 in their NIL Deals.

Dartmouth Men’s Basketball Team Votes to Form Labor Union, Which is First for College Athletics

Dartmouth’s Men’s Basketball will be represented by the Service Employees International Union after the team decided in a 13-2 vote to unionize. The unionization is the first of its kind in college athletics.

MLB The Show 24 Unveils Female Player Mode ‘Women Pave Their Way’

A trailer for MLB The Show 24 introduced a new feature that allows video game players to create a female baseball player. This is a first for major league athletic video games with a primarily male focus and will pave the way for more inclusivity in games to come.

Chelsea’s Sam Kerr to Face Trial Next Year Over Alleged Racially Aggravated Harassment

Sam Kerr pleaded not guilty at a hearing to racially aggravated harassment of a police officer in Kingston Thames Crown Court as she awaits her trial that is set to take place in February of 2025.

Media & Technology

The Big Questions Raised by Elon Musk’s Lawsuit Against OpenAI

Elon Musk’s suit against OpenAI and Sam Altman is raising legal questions that have never before been seen, with lawyers and law students on the edge of their seats as new precedent awaits with the outcome of the suit involving some of the wealthiest men in the world.

Google Settles Smaller Lawsuits as It Prepares for More Antitrust Fights

Google has spent over $1B settling small lawsuits as the company prepares for two brought by the Dept. Of Justice that could potentially alter the internet industry as we know it, with claims alleging that Google rigged the search market.

Microsoft Asks to Dismiss NYT’s ‘Doomsday’ Copyright Lawsuit

Microsoft is hoping to have the lawsuit brought against it by the New York Times dropped as the company calls the narrative alleging “use of content to train generative AI” is a “doomsday futurology” that would potentially destroy an entire economic model.

Scientists Take 10-Policy Pledge to Avert Weapon Risk

Over 100 scientists are taking a stand against AI as they relate to bioweapons as concerns raise about misuse of the technology.

Sam Altman Returns to OpenAI’s Board of Directors, Fully Reversing the ChatGPT Company’s Wild Shakeup

In what seems like the end of the OpenAI-Sam Altman saga, the co-founder and CEO will rejoin the companies Board of Directors after an investigation discovered there was no need for his original firing.

Potential Obstacle to Trump Media’s Merger Appears to Have Been Cleared

Former President Trump had a recent win as two founders of his media and technology company have temporarily decided to settle with Trump Media, leaving a pathway for a potential merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp.


Nelson Peltz Slams Disney, From 2019 Fox Deal to Planned Sports Streaming JV, As Proxy Battle Rages

Nelson Peltz blames Disney’s board of directors  for the company’s underperformance in a 133 page attempt to convince shareholders to elect himself and Jay Rasulo to the board.

Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Grows 8% to Reach $28B, Annual FICCI-EY Report Reveals

The Indian media and entertainment industry has reached a value of $27.9B – a 21% higher growth than pre-pandemic levels.

General News

The General Election is Here and It’s Trump v. Biden

With Gov. Nikki Haley dropping out of the 2024 presidential race, the U.S. will relive the 2020 election between President Biden and former President Trump.


Biden Signs Government Funding Bills to Avoid Partial Shutdown

President Biden signed a $460B package that contains 6 spending bills targeting military construction, water development, agriculture, commerce, energy, transportation, and housing and urban development in hopes to avoid a government shutdown.

24 States Sue EPA Over Air Pollution Limit

The Biden Administration is being sued by 24 Republican-led states that argue that new air pollution rules set to take effect in 2032 will force jobs out of the states and into other countries.


First Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pill Heads to Stores

Opill has officially shipped to retailers across the country. The over-the-counter birth control pill will be available for purchase online and in drugstores as soon as later this month.

Sen. Bob Menendez and Wife Face New Obstruction Charges in Bribery Case

With co-defendant Jose Uribe pleading guilty to obstruction charges, it is likely that Senator Bob Melendez and his wife will face more than they expected to in their bribery case.

New Federal Rule Caps Most Credit Card Late Fees at $8

Americans should have lower credit card bills, as a new federal rule has been passed capping late fees at 8%.


How Trump’s Justice Dept. Derailed an Investigation of a Major Company

William Barr was hired by construction giant Caterpillar in 2018 prior to being nominated by Trump to serve as the attorney general in the Justice Dept. The nomination led to cancellations of major meetings regarding Caterpillar’s case and derailed the entire investigation meant to be done by the Justice Department with the IRS.

Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Had ‘Traumatic Brain Injuries,’ New Report Shows

Robert Card, the gunman responsible for Maine’s worst mass shooting ever, has been found to have had “traumatic brain injuries” from his time in the military that could have led to the erratic behavior he was showing before killing 18 civilians and injuring 13 others.

Top Senators Urge Stores to Stop Selling Illicit Vapes

Lawmakers are pushing for convenience stores to stop selling vapes and e-cigarettes that are not FDA approved, as they worry the sales pose a tremendous health threat to young people with the products’ bright colors and fruit flavors.

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