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Week In Review

By Caroline Solochewicz Edited by Elissa D. Hecker

Below, for your browsing convenience, the categories are divided into: Entertainment, Arts, Sports, Technology/Media, and General News:


Man Who Shot the Rapper Nipsey Hussle Is Convicted of Murder

After more than three years since the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle, A jury found Eric R. Holder Jr. guilty of first-degree murder.

Actress and TV Personality Mayim Bialik Sues Over False CBD Endorsements

Actress, Jeopardy host, and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik filed suit in Florida federal court seeking damages against various websites and online marketers who used her to promote CBD products. In her complaint, Bialik sets forth allegations of false association and sponsorship, false advertising, and unauthorized appropriation of name or likeness.

Witnesses in Young Thug Case Have Been Threatened, Prosecutors Say

Following a May indictment accusing the rapper Young Thug and 27 others of RICO charges, defense lawyers must now withhold witnesses' contact information from their clients after a potential threat.

Jerry Harris Sentenced to 12 Years for Sex Crimes Involving Minors

Jerry Harris, who shot the documentary series "Cheer", pleaded guilty to federal charges related to soliciting child sexual abuse imagery and illegal sexual conduct with a minor.


Her 'Chagall' Is Headed for the Trash. How's That for Caveat Emptor?

Stephanie Clegg paid $90,000 for a Marc Chagall painting at a Sotheby's auction, it was later reappraised for $100,000, and now experts want to deem it as fake.

With Sign Language and Sound, an Artist Upends Audience Perceptions

Christine Sun Kim, an artist uses poetry and political art hoping her audience will consider the limits, and misunderstandings, that come with communication in any language, whether spoken or signed.

How TikTok Became a Best-Seller Machine

#BookTok, a hashtag used on TikTok allows for enthusiastic readers to share book recommendations and has gone from being a novelty to becoming an anchor in the publishing industry and a dominant driver of fiction sales.

With Rising Book Bans, Librarians Have Come Under Attack

Librarians are in the middle of a cultural war as parents insist on certain books being banned. Librarians who find themselves advocates of writers and readers have been struggling to find a balance between protecting the community and their careers.

U.K. Museums Face a Sticky Problem From Climate Protests

Activists are targeting and gluing themselves to popular paintings in an effort to promote political messages.


Blatter, Platini Cleared of Fraud in Swiss Trial

Former FIFA President and France footballing legend Michel Platini were both cleared of corruption charges by a Swiss court after a seven-year investigation during which they were booted out of the sport.

Former Georgetown Tennis Coach Sentenced to More Than Two Years in Varsity Blues Case

Georgetown Tennis Coach plead guilty to accepting close to $3.5m in bribes from students to help them gain admission to the university. The coach is part of the varsity blue investigation.

Former President of U.S.A. Softball Accused of Abusing Minors

The former president, John Gouveia, was arrested in April and charged with eight felony counts of sexual abuse acts with children under age 14.

Glimpses of Brittney Griner Show a Complicated Path to Release

The WNBA star was seen in court during her trial on drug charges in Russia, which highlighted the unclear path to her release and heightened her supporters' concerns for her safety.

Raiders Make National Football League History With Team President Hire

Sandra Douglass Morgan becomes the first Black women to be President of a NFL team.

Mike Grier, the National Hockey League's First Black General Manager, Started as a College Benchwarmer

Grier worked from being a reserve at Boston University to an NHL mainstay. He is now the league's first Black general manager.

An NFL Star's CTE Diagnosis Offers Only Partial Insight

Months after retiring, former player Demaryius Thomas died and was found to have had CTE. However, the posthumous diagnosis does not explain what role football had in his decline. Unfortunately, his family may never truly know how much football affected his physical and mental struggles.

Nick Kyrgios to Appear in Court on Assault Allegation in Australia

In the midst of crucial Tennis matches, news came out about Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios and a former girlfriend. who has accused him of assaulting her.

Concacaf's Leader Earned $2 Million Last Year, More Than FIFA and UEFA Presidents

Victor Montagliani earned more last year than the leaders of FIFA, soccer's world governing body, and UEFA, the European governing body. This news, along with several scandals, sheds light on how much executives make and how they much they may be paid moving forward.


On Conservative Radio, Misleading Message Is Clear: 'Democrats Cheat'

Election fraud misinformation claims from 2020 continue to be spread on certain talk radio stations.

Elon Musk Moves to End $44 Billion Deal to Buy Twitter

Elon Musk is being accused of "material breach," after pulling out of deal with Twitter.

High Court Sides With Prince Harry in Libel Claim

The High Court ruling clears the way for Prince Harry to pursue a libel claim against The Mail over its reporting about his police protection.

In Putin's Russia, the Arrests Are Spreading Quickly and Widely

Russians are deemed insufficiently patriotic and are being taken by security forces as the Kremlin continues to enforce societal roles.

How North Korea Used Crypto to Hack Its Way Through the Pandemic

North Korea's economy has been affected by several components, including U.S sanctions. In an effort to combat expenses, North Korea has been participating in crypto currency theft. The hackers walked away with close to $400m last year.

Twitter, Challenging Orders to Remove Content, Sues India's Government

Twitter joins other tech companies in their global battle over who gets to control information and how. The suit challenges a recent order from the Indian government for the company to remove content and block dozens of accounts.

General News

Under Pressure, Biden Issues Executive Order on Abortion

President Biden has been pressured to take bold steps in protecting abortion rights. The order directs the Attorney General and others to meet about the issue.

Louisiana Judge Allows Abortion Ban to Take Effect

A judge allowed state laws banning nearly all abortions to take effect, lifting an earlier court decision that had temporarily blocked them.

Texas Supreme Court Lifts Freeze on Abortion Ban

The Texas Supreme Court allowed a 1925 law banning abortion to take effect, overturning a lower court ruling that had temporarily blocked it.

Infertility Patients and Doctors Fear That Abortion Bans Could Restrict I.V.F.

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade and new state bans, legal experts say that the decision could make it easier to place controls on various stages of I.V.F.

Justice Dept. Sues Arizona Over Voting Restrictions

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland sued Arizona over a new state law requiring proof of citizenship to vote in a presidential election.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Prohibits the Use of Most Drop Boxes for Voting

The Wisconsin Supreme Court prohibited the use of most drop boxes for voters returning absentee ballots. This gives the state's Republicans a major victory in their efforts to limit voting access in urban areas.

Comey and McCabe, Both of Whom Who Infuriated Trump, Faced Intensive IRS Audits

It's a mystery on how taxpayers get selected for intensive audits, but the IRS prides itself on choosing specific cases that require its attention. With regard to the Comey and McCabe audits, the agency noted that whenever it learns of allegations of wrongdoing, it reaches out to the inspector general for tax administration in the Treasury Department. The IRS is, however, looking into the potentially political and coincidental nature of these two audits.

Jan. 6 Panel Secures Deal for Cipollone to Be Interviewed

Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel to President Trump, has reached a deal to be interviewed before the House committee. The agreement was a breakthrough for the panel, which issued a subpoena believing that he could provide crucial testimony.

76 Fake Charities Shared a Mailbox. The IRS Approved Them All

The IRS is a gateway for charities and its vetting system allows for fraud to slip through the cracks. Ian Hosang posed as a representative for the American Cancer Society, yet the IRS did not pick up on the lack of affiliation with the nonprofit.

Review Finds That Agents Used Unnecessary Force Against Black Migrants

A review of border patrol agents shows discrimination as well as other concerns that also came to light. The Biden administration continues its battle with Republican officials in Texas. The Texas Department of Public Safety declined to comment on the matter.

Shinzo Abe of Japan Dies After Being Shot During Speech

Former prime minister Abe, 67, was assassinated in the city of Nara. He served in the office longer than any of his predecessors before stepping down in 2020. Japan has some of the strongest gun control laws in the world.

Boris Johnson Resigns

The U.K. Prime Minister lost the faith and support of his party.

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