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Week In Review

By Caroline Solochewicz Edited by Elissa D. Hecker

Below, for your browsing convenience, the categories are divided into: Entertainment, Arts, Sports, Technology/Media, and General News:


Spotify's Joe Rogan Problem Isn't Going Away

The controversy is different, in many ways, from the other conflicts between online stars and the companies that give them a platform.

Lil Yachty Files Suit Accusing NFT Seller of 'Maliciously' Using His Likeness to Raise Millions

Rapper's trademark infringement lawsuit claims that Opulous used his name and likeness to raise more than $6.5 million in venture capital funds without an agreement.


Book Ban Efforts Spread Across the U.S.

Challenges to books about sexual and racial identity are nothing new in American schools, but the increased politicization is.

U.S. Study Finds Further Regulation of the Art Market Not Needed Now

The art market can be vulnerable to money laundering, but the Treasury Department says that there are more pressing regulatory issues to address at this time.

Broadway Grosses Fall, but Average Attendance Rises, as Shows Close

Theaters were a bit more crowded, but there were fewer shows running as several closed amid the spread of the Omicron variant.

Private Data Shows Broadway's Hits and Misses After Reopening

Big shows did well when they returned in the fall after the long pandemic shutdown, but new plays struggled, previously undisclosed industry data shows.

'As We See It' Is Not a Typical Portrayal of Autism

Most autistic characters have been played onscreen by neurotypical actors. A new series stars three leads who are on the spectrum.

The Art Design for Abolitionist Place in Brooklyn Moves Forward

Despite an ongoing legal challenge, New York City is going ahead with a plan for artwork at a new park that will feature messages of social justice, not the statuary some had sought.

Marcel Breuer House Demolished on Long Island, Angering Preservationists

The house, known as Geller I, helped Breuer to develop the style that made him a leading postwar architect, historians said. Officials said that the current owners followed all local rules, but architecture historians are concerned about losing a piece of history.

Sports Ahead of Winter Olympics, Beijing Moves to Quash Dissent

As athletes begin to arrive in China for the Olympics, the authorities are rounding up activists and shutting down social media accounts.

In Beijing, Olympic Spectacle and Global Power Games

While President Biden and other democratic leaders shunned the opening ceremony, China's leader Xi Jinping opened the ceremony while celebrating his country's global status and united front against the West with Vladimir Putin of Russia.

In Beijing, the Subject on Everybody's Mind but Not Lips

An Olympic rule and warnings from the Chinese government have made it risky for athletes to speak out at these Games.

Questions of Power and Process After Harassment Claim at FIFA

Portuguese sports agent and FIFA president, Macedo, is under fire for several sexual harassment allegations. This article also details how the organization has handled similar complaints.

Brian Flores Sues National Football League, Claiming Bias in Coaching Search

The former head coach of the Miami Dolphins claimed in a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday that the National Football League (NFL) discriminated against him and other Black coaches in their hiring practices. Those close to Flores say his lawsuit is in keeping with the sense of moral rectitude he learned from his mother as he grew up in a Brooklyn housing project.

Womens National Basketball Association Raises $75 Million With Hopes of Business Model Revamp

Cathy Engelbert, the League's commissioner, said that the investment could help fund marketing, improve digital products, and fan outreach to increase revenue.

The Rising Human Cost of Sports Betting

The ends of the college and pro football seasons were already a perilous time for people recovering from a gambling addiction. Then came the onslaught of ads for legal sports betting.

Court Says That the University of Arizona Is Not Responsible For Off-Campus Assault by Football Player

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with the University of Arizona in a lawsuit involving domestic abuse by former football player Orlando Bradford

Lawyers Claim That Louisiana State University Fired Athletics Official Sharon Lewis, Who Had Sued Her Department, In Retaliation

Sharon Lewis continues to be retaliated against after reporting several violations, including sexual harrassment.

Disgraced Running Coach Was Barred for Life for Alleged Sexual Assault

An arbitrator's ruling, revealed for the first time, shows that allegations of physical assault prompted a lifetime ban for Alberto Salazar, the former coach of the Nike Oregon Project.

Connecticut Supreme Court Rules That Women-Only Gym Areas Violate State Discrimination Law

The Court ruled against women-only gym areas after two men complained about women-only exercise areas at two gyms.

Iowa Legislative Bill Would Reclassify College Athletes As Employees if Passed

Three public institutions may set compensation for athletes similarly to other university employees.


Hunley v. Instagram

Justice Breyer granted Instagram's motion to dismiss without leave to amend citing the Ninth Circuit's Perfect 10 decision.

Sarah Palin's Libel Trial Against The New York Times Begins Again

Sarah Palin's defamation suit had been delayed after Sarah Palin tested positive for the coronavirus.

Lawmakers Press Amazon on Sales of Chemical Used in Suicides

Even as grieving families tried to warn Amazon and other e-commerce sites of the danger, there were more purchases and more deaths.

U.S. Exposes What It Says Is Russian Effort to Fabricate Pretext for Invasion

Officials said that Russia was planning a fake video showing an attack by Ukrainians on Russian territory or Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine.

Meta Plunges and Sets Off Wall Street's Worst Drop in Nearly a Year

After news of Apple's new privacy features, the shares of Meta fell more than 26%, a loss that wiped more than $230 billion off its market value.

Jeff Zucker Resigns From CNN After Consentual, but Not Reported, Relationship With Top Executive

The relationship, which should have been reported, came up during the network's investigation into the former anchor Chris Cuomo's participation in his brother's legal issues.

#MeToo Scandal at a Dutch TV Show Spurs a Sexual Assault Reckoning

The allegations against four men appearing on the Dutch version of "The Voice" talent show have helped to prompt a surge in reports of sexual assaults, victims' groups say.

General News

Black Women in Law Feel Pride and Frustration Ahead of Court Nominee

As President Biden prepares to nominate the first Black woman to the nation's highest court, members of this small, elite group are watching with complicated emotions.

Federal Judge Rejects Hate Crime Plea Deals in Ahmaud Arbery Killing

The victim's mother had denounced the deals made with two of the men convicted of murder, saying that she did not want them transferred to federal custody instead of state prison.

Hate Crimes Trial to Proceed After Arbery Killers Withdraw Guilty Pleas

Jury selection is set for today for two men who had previously pleaded guilty to the death of Arbery since a federal judge has rejected the deal.

Tilli's Letter

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., has asked the Administrative Conference of the United States to launch an investigation urging to create a "one stop shop" for Americans to address intellectual property concerns.

Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines

New accounts show that the former president was more directly involved than previously known in plans developed by outside advisers to use national security agencies to seek evidence of fraud.

Judges Increasingly Demand Climate Analysis in Drilling Decisions

A federal judge required the government take climate change into account before approving offshore oil drilling leases, which is becoming more common.

Michael Avenatti Is Found Guilty of Stealing From Stormy Daniels

They were once united in an effort to topple Trump. However, even then, a jury found, Michael Avenatti was stealing from his famous client.

Last Sex-Crime Inquiry Into Andrew Cuomo Is Dropped

There was insufficient evidence to charge Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York, with a crime in Oswego County.

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