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Theater News for the Week of September 10th

By Bennett Liebman

Theater Talk: COVID rules 'not uniform, but ubiquitous' as Buffalo theaters open

Broadway League's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion commitment is not 'just talk.'

'Broadway Rising' Feature Documentary To Chronicle Industry Reopening.'

Supporters Fuel Fiscal Year 2021 Grant-making Past $13 Million

How Broadway, How Surreal! How Radical! How Avant-Garde! How Broadway?

A 'Wicked' revelation: Bold and on Broadway, a former Princeton athlete finds his way home again

Broadway Return of Waitress Sets House Record at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre

How Broadway helped keep NYC alive after 9/11

Transgender March on Broadway Slams Cameron Mackintosh

Bernadette Peters and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the Privilege of Creativity

Sharon D. Clarke Talks 'Caroline, or Change'

Why Theater Can't Go Backward

'Working' is restaged as a vehicle for activism on Black Lives Matter Plaza

'Come from Away' review: Musical has folksy charm on screen

Sexual misconduct claims at Artists' Exchange trigger backlash

Steppenwolf Emerges from the Pandemic with New Leadership

Why Can't Theatres Be More Like Public Parks?

'The Doors Didn't Open Easily' on Her Path to 'Cinderella'

Hilary Mantel on staging The Mirror and the Light

What's The Future Of Musical Theater Post-Covid?

Why London's West End will always win

'I felt completely lost': the actors navigating an arts crisis and long Covid

New 'Los Angeles Anti-Racist Theater Standards' Seek To Create Lasting

College Theatre Programs Must Be Held Accountable for Their Promises of Change

Once on This Island: How LaChanze Helped Me Heal After 9/11

When 'The Crown' left Black voices out of an episode about Kenya, Marcia Johnson got angry -- and then she wrote a play

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