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Theater News for the Week of January 8th

By Bennett Liebman

'Mean Girls' Won't Return to Broadway

'Mean Girls' Broadway Musical Announces Permanent Closure Due To Covid Shutdown

York Theatre Flooded After Water Main Break

'Spamalot' Movie: Paramount Acquires Musical

When Will We Be Back in 2021, 2021 in the arts: Will we be back to live shows by, say, October?

Arts workers are building a labor movement to save a creative economy in peril

A Biden Cabinet Secretary For Arts? Advocates Are Hopeful

Danny Burstein on the Devastating Loss of His Wife, Fellow Broadway Star Rebecca Luker (Guest Column)

Can We Bring Back Broadway?

UK Theatre Power List, Lloyd Webber and Waller-Bridge on theatre power list for coronavirus effort

Shea's in Buffalo, Shea's role in community much larger than just theater

Fixing Broken Boards

Digital Performances are Landing with Audiences

Crowdsourced 'Ratatouille' TikTok Musical Sells $1 Million In Tickets

Congress Approves $15 Billion In Grants To Shuttered Live Venues

Brooklyn venues see ray of hope with passage of 'Save Our Stages Act

State Theatre in Ithaca Raises Funds

Saving New York Theater: A Political Status Report

Shakespeare in a pandemic

UK performers raise alarm as Brexit deal threatens EU touring

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