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Theater News for the Week of January 22nd

By Bennett Liebman

New Report: Audiences Want Vaccines and Masks Before They Return

Actors' Equity warns delay in vaccination efforts will hurt theater industry restart

In two years, a sea change in the number of women running Connecticut theaters

Gov. Cuomo proposes tax credits for theatrical productions

Cuomo Introduces Tax Credits For Arts & Entertainment

Cuomo offers 'peanuts' to restaurants and theaters

A starry, elegant inaugural ceremony launches a new era

Broadway Reacts to the 2021 Inauguration

Actors' Equity Blasts Trump's Freeze On $110 Million NEA & NEH Funding

Remembering Philip J. Smith

Community theaters, shut out of COVID relief funding, lobby for help

Paging Through Broadway While the Stages Are Dark

UK theatre bosses eye 2021 with resilience and realism

'Moulin Rouge!' Was Their Ticket, Then 2020 Happened.

How Theater Stepped Up to Meet the Trump Era

Milwaukee Rep Awards $60,000 in Freelance Artist Relief

The Black Seed Unveils Generous Grant Program for Black Theatres

My nominees for a Secretary of Culture in the Biden Cabinet

Will Chicago have music and arts this summer?

'Let's Open Up Music Venues For COVID Testing'

Broadway Veteran Exiting Theatre Biz for Teaching Career

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