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Sports News for the Week of October 15th

By Bennett Liebman

U.S. women's soccer hid issues for NWSL to succeed, says O'Reilly

Women's soccer reminds us of the fragile state of professional women's sports

Abuse Scandal Rocks Portland, the Epicenter of Women's Soccer

Allegations Of Harassment, Institutional Failures, And The NWS

Crisis experts evaluate future for scandal-ridden NWSL

NCAA Athletes Want Wage Class Cert.

MLB's Labor Talks Remain Stalled as Big Spending Dodgers Hang On

Jon Gruden Resigns After Homophobic and Mysogynistic Comments

Jon Gruden Emails NFLPA Washington Investigation DeMaurice Smith NLRB

How Jon Gruden's Emails Became Collateral Damage

Letter to Corporate Sponsor, re Washington Football Team 211013

N.F.L.'s Top Lawyer Had Cozy Relationship With Washington Team President®i_id=281184&segment_id=71734&te=1&user_id=8ac93053dffeb815a0d5877892775eae

NFL hasn't set meeting with former Washington Football Team employee

Kyrie Irving Vaccine Contract Issues with NBA Nets

Ronaldo Hacked Evidence Rejected as Leaks Shake Sports Industry

US Soccer USWNT Amicus Brief

Is Florida Sports Betting At Hard Rock Really Starting Friday Or Not?

Calalang cleared by USADA and WADA after eight-month battle to overturn ban

Texas House approves sports bill targeting transgender youth

Will Injured Kids Sue the Catholic Church Over Youth Football?

La'el Collins suspension: Federal court judge upholds penalty,

Fantasy Constitution: New York's highest court is set to hear argument, again

Sportradar's Universal Fraud Detection System targeting match-fixing in sport

Pro Athletes Support Transgender Rights in Connecticut Lawsuit

'This behavior just cannot go on': St. Louis judge fines NFL owners for missing deadline

Explaining St. Louis's lawsuit against the NFL and what comes next

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