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Sports News for the Week of July 9th

By Bennett Liebman

College Athletes Cash in on Name, Image, and Likeness

Name, Image, Likeness, And Interplay With Intellectual Property

What Does The Future Hold For College Athletics After The Supreme Court Decision In NCAA v. Alston? - Anti-trust/Competition Law

Licensing Name, Image And Likeness Rights Presents A Quandary For College Athletes On Student Visas

Student Athletes 1, NCAA Nil, Student Athletes 1, NCAA Nil

The Dawn of the NIL Era in College Sports

Alston Ruling Excites Insurance Market for College Athletes

Student Athlete Name, Image, Likeness Legislation: Considerations for the 117th Congress,

Joe Pepitone Sues Hall of Fame over Mantle bat

Jimmy John's Cites NCAA Ruling Against No-Poach Claims

The Legal Implications of COVID-19 on the Tokyo Olympic Games

Fans barred from all Olympic events in Tokyo as COVID-19 fears grow

The Punitive War on Drugs Unnecessarily Harms Sha'Carri Richardson

Dahlberg: A few puffs and a bad rule do Richardson in

Vols owe $665k in legal fees surrounding NCAA investigation work,

Michael Avenatti Prison Sentence Nike Extortion Trump

NCAA gender inequality: Congress wants answers

SUNY-Albany Beats Lawsuit Seeking Boost in Women's Sports

Federal lawsuit: FL's trans athlete law 'has nothing to do with fairness or equality for girls or women in sports

How female athletes and women's sports can benefit from NIL,

'This isn't the Olympics': GOP transgender laws head to court

From Star to Scandal: the Story of Medina Spirit

Baffert Answers Arguments from NYRA, The Jockey Club

Hacked emails? Florida law firm sues NFL concussion settlement alleging crimes

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