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Sports News for the Week Ending March 11th

By Bennett Liebman

Second taxpayer lawsuit filed against Chargers, NFL in wake of team's move to Los Angeles

Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill draws silence from most of sports world

AP Column: Griner case again exposes male-female gap in sports

Jon Gruden calls it 'unconscionable' that NFL wants to move his lawsuit to arbitration

Brian Flores Arbitration Clause Key to NFL Civil Rights Lawsuit

An owner eviction meeting; an incapacitated commissioner

Deshaun Watson legal situation, explained

Senator floats reexamination of baseball's antitrust exemption

Bernie Sanders weighs in on MLB CBA, calls owners 'baseball oligarchs'

MLB Lockout Ends, Season Slated to Start April 7

It's Not Moneyball, "It's Not My Money(ball)!"

'Two-Face' Leader Of 'Varsity Blues' Duped Coach, Jury Hears

Learning and Jessica Berman

IU athletes gain avenue to use NIL to support not-for-profit groups

Title IX 50th anniversary

Americans Strongly Favor Moneymaking Deals for College Athletes

Excel Eways Complaint

Bonds Capped at $350 million for Commanders

Florida State DB Reportedly Holds Out Of Practice Over Lack Of NIL Deal

A Sport-By-Sport Approach To Participation

Challenging FIFA's Jurisdiction

British government places sanctions on Roman Abramovich, Chelsea

Bach says IOC has taken protective approach in excluding of Russian athletes

Djokovic will sit out Miami Open and Indian Wells BNP Paribas tournaments

PSG President Al-Khelaifi investigated by UEFA after post-match outburst

Ukraine tennis star slams Russian players for 'unacceptable' behaviour at Indian Wells

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