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Sports News for the Week Ending June 3rd

By Bennett Liebman

Kennedy Calls for Hockey Canada to Release Alleged Sexual Assault Report

Canada's minister of sport ordering forensic audit of Hockey Canada

Ex-NFL Player Owed Disability Benefits

Winston, Latham Again Lead Pack of Legal Billers for NFL Players

Ron DeSantis vetoes Tampa Bay Rays complex after gun control tweet

Report: DeSantis to Punish the Tampa Bay Rays For Gun Control Support

Roger Goodell, Daniel Snyder Testimony Sought by Congress

Commanders "look forward" to responding to House Oversight Committee

Attorney Predicts NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Will Lose Over Jon Gruden's Lawsuit

Asked to address open court vs. arbitration, Roger Goodell masterfully deflected

"Nobody Did Anything About it" or Did They?

The Stephen Ross investigation continues

WCWS, NCAA softball shows proof of Title IX's impact on college sports

Noem threatens Biden with lawsuit if Title IX funding is cut

Professor's Title IX work inspired by personal experience with inequity in sports

Santa Anita ahead of horse racing safety curve in advance of national regulations

Panthers' David Tepper puts real estate arm into bankruptcy

NCAA Brief in Johnson v. NCAA Relies on Alston Ruling in Supreme Court

Deshaun Watson Nia Smith 23rd Lawsuit Impact on NFL Suspension

Jack Nicklaus Lawsuit Intellectual Property Licensing

What Lia Thomas Could Mean for Women's Elite Sport

Dustin Johnson Loses Major Sponsorship Due To LIV Golf Decision

Souhan: LIV Golf's money shouldn't speak louder than morals

Four women's college athletes took their lives over two months

Iciss Tillis, WNBA player turned attorney, addresses sports issues

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