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Sports News for the Week Ending July 22

By Bennett Liebman

Women's professional sports leagues take different approaches to transgender inclusion

Maryland law allows religious garments in college sports

Senators Ask MLB Why Antitrust Exemption Needed in Minors

MLB to pay minor leaguers $185 million in lawsuit settlement

Congress asks Rob Manfred for MLB antitrust rationale in letter

Federal judge blocks new guidance for transgender athletes in 20 states

TN Attorney General files transgender regulation lawsuit

Brittney Griner Had Prescription for Drug She Brought to Russia

Newsom demands that UCLA publicly explain deal to leave the Pac-12

Hockey Canada used registration fees to cover sexual-assault claims

NCAA makes progress on gender inequality

SoCal College Basketball Tourney Hopes to Pay Players Via NIL

Transfer portal windows endorsed for final NCAA approval

Changes coming to NCAA transfer portal if D1 Council recommendation passes

Johnson v. NCAA: Schools Can't Evade Employee Recognition With Amateur Label,

Chicago Cubs Wheelchair Seating Draws Disabilities Act Suit

Here's Why The PGA Should Worry About DOJ Probe

Will Judge Robinson issue a Deshaun Watson ruling on Friday?

Attorneys Daniel Wallach and Dan Lust talk Deshaun Watson

Impasse quietly continues between Daniel Snyder, House Oversight Committee

Sport Merchandising Case, Pa. State Univ. v. Vintage Brand, LLC, 2022 U.S.P.Q.2d 653 (M.D. Pa. 2022)

NBA's Zion Williamson Avoids Former Marketing Agent's Claims

Director of equine drug testing lab tangled in Medina Spirit lawsuit

Mullin Confronts Negligence of Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authorit

One on One Q and A with HISA CEO Lisa Lazarus

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