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Sports News for the Week Ending July 1st

By Bennett Liebman

Las Vegas Raiders face allegations, lawsuits from former employees

Oakland tries to get U.S. Supreme Court to overturn dismissal of Raiders relocation lawsuit

Deshaun Watson's Disciplinary Hearing: Legal Arguments to Expect

Deshaun Watson accuser sues Houston Texans for negligence

Report: NFL seeks indefinite suspension of Deshaun Watson

Senate Judiciary Committee targets MLB's antitrust exemption

Can Congress actually do anything to Dan Snyder?

Federal government, Tennessee, at odds over transgender athletes

Lawsuit filed to stop HISA launch on Friday, but judge denies injunction

FTC Begins Implementing the Racetrack Safety Rule July 1, 2022

Texas Racing Commission to Cease Exporting and Importing Pari-Mutuel Simulcast Signals of "Covered Horseraces" Under the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act as of July 1, 2022

Hours Away From HISA's Implementation, Unanswered Questions Remain

Gary Bettman Oversees NHL Arbitration of Pittsburgh Penguins Ownership Dispute

California agency clears way for Oakland Athletics' $12B ballpark plan

NLRB Counsel Abruzzo's NCAA Memo Has Yet to Spur Athlete Unionizing

Big Ten shakes up college sports again

Carson Pickett becomes first player with limb difference to play for USWNT

A Short Treatise on College-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Rights

College NIL Anniversary Roils Debate on Future of Athlete Pay

Perspectives from around college sports on NIL's one-year anniversar

NIL's 1st anniversary: Pac-12 schools "not out in front" in new era,

Rays minority owners sue principal owner over 'fraudulent transfer,' other claims,

Department of Education Proposes New Regulations Under Title IX,

Title IX Proposed Changes Raise Due Process Concerns,

Freddie Freeman agent Casey Close denies he withheld Braves offer

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