Sports Law Weekly for Thanksgiving

By Bennett Liebman

Olympics change trans-exclusion policies

Chicago Red Stars ownership apologizes

Red Stars coach Rory Dames steps down amid coplaints

St. Louis, NFL agree to $790 million settlement in Rams lawsuit

NFL, city of St. Louis agree to $790 million settlement in Rams relocation lawsuit

Robert Sarver investigation is the NBA's toughest test yet

Bo Schembechler UM statue vandalized

Tackling Online Abuse in Sport

Appeal Dropped in Suit Against NCAA Over Sexual Abuse by Coaches

Immigrant Student Athletes Left Out of NIL Deals

3 Questions For A Sports Agent Turned Sports Lawyer

The dawn of the NIL era: Northwestern navigates new NCAA landscape with goals to 'educate and empower' student-athletes

What impact will NIL have on the Alabama-Auburn rivalry?

Utah bill would require trans athletes to undergo hormone therapy

Utah bill would require trans athletes to undergo hormone therapy

What to Know About Baseball's Looming Labor Disaster

Baseball Coach Denied University Job at Age 56 Lacks Bias Suit


Cleveland's 'Guardians' rebrand navigated logistics, legal curveballs

Green Bay Packers, Football's Tackiest Team, Sell Financially Illiterate Cheeseheads Fake Stock Certificates

Congress Isn't Buying the NFL's Claims to Withhold Documents

Premier League: The 'flagrant' use of cocaine at football grounds

WTA Stands Alone in Peng Shuai Standoff With China as Olympics Near

Enes Kanter: Move the Olympics for Peng Shuai's Sake

Neil Olshey Investigation Sparks Talk of NBA GM Labor Association

Unite Here Local 11 labour union calls for delay to LA28 Games Agreement vote

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