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Sports Law News for the Week Ending January 14th

By Bennett Liebman

MLW Media v. WWF

Florida NIL Rules Challenged in New Lawsuit Out of Miami

Stewart v. Florida High School Athletic Association

Will The NCAA Intervene On NIL Deals Tied To Enrollment

New Yorker Files $6B Lawsuit Against Giants, Jets

Tiger Woods SPAC Seeks Sports Tech With Caroline Wozniacki

Novak Djokovic's Visa to Australia Once Again Canceled

Novak Djokovic's slim Australian Open hopes reliant on last-ditch appeal

Varsity Spirit's Antitrust Accusers Seek Company Documents from Ex-VP

USWNT U.S. Soccer Lawsuit

Denver Broncos Owners Get Favorable Court Ruling to Put Team for Sale

Judge's ruling clears way for Broncos to be put up for sale

S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem releases national ad targeting transgender student athletes

We need to be able to talk about trans athletes and women's sports

Professional transgender athletes: when "inclusivity" goes too far

The Jolt: Transgender sports will be on GOP's 2022 legislative agenda

FIFA Bribe Trial Will Include World Cup Testimony, With Caveat,

Florida NIL bills would offer relief to FSU, other state schools

Lawsuits, blacklisting and Chuck E. Cheese: Bills get aggressive to collect on sponsorship

MLBPA takes stand with agency that bought minor league teams

After controversy, pentathlon seeks to be more modern

Sports technology company calls for centralized system of safeguarding in the U.K

Coates urges sports bodies to propose more women for CAS membership

Law Expert Breaks Down Antonio Brown's Potential Legal Case vs. Bucs

NFL Sued Over 'Locker-Room Bullying' At Morning TV Show

Player safety and fan fatigue on the eve of the NFL's 17th game

Lawmakers move to repeal state's 2021 NIL law

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