Sports Law News for the Week Ending December 31st

By Bennett Liebman

Supreme Court Ruling on Alston, NIL Lead Top 5 Sports Law Events 2021

Fake USC Basketball Recruit Dad Loses Bid for New Triaj

Court Report: How omicron variant of COVID-19 could upend college basketball as leagues flip forfeit rules

For NCAA, year of upheaval leads to need for transformation

NCAA Reform

NIL Momentum Increasing For High School Athletes

'I wanted to do something positive'

Why new NIL rules could attract bigger names to college athletics

College athletes name image likeness rights: The NIL era's first season

Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward helping athletes with NIL

New Notre Dame Coach Discusses Brave New NIL World

NHL and NHLPA agree to modify COVID protocol

Dave Salo Calls NCAA Transgender Policy "An Assault On Women's Sports"

UConn Women's Rowing team Title IX lawsuit settled with university

Commentary: Title IX suffers with transgender inclusion

Difficult times call for strong leadership and Thomas Bach is delivering

Rachel Engleson: Why is the NFL burying its Washington Football Team report?

Washington Football: Team President Jason Wright's blunder

If HISA and USADA don't find a way to work together, racing may have no future in America

Impasse derails horse racing's drug testing deal

'How is that fair?'

World Athletics takes aim at the sole of the shoe technology issue

Looking back at year when racism was more than skin deep blog

Western sponsors face balancing act as Beijing 2022 approaches

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