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Sports Gambling News for the Week Ending July 29

By Bennett Liebman

1,000-plus businesses vying for sports gambling kiosks

Is Ohio ready for sports betting?

Where does Ohio's sports gambling industry stand at midsummer?

Here's what you need to know about Mass. sports betting legislation

Governor Renews Hope For Legal MA Sports Betting But Will It Happen?

How Long Will Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonuses Last?

What D.C. Can Learn From Oregon's Betting Model

Q&A: Sporttrade's Alex Kane Talks New Jersey Launch and Future of Exchanges

Fixed odds hit stride in New Jersey; rest of America is next

CA Tribal Online Sports Betting Initiative Faces Uphill Battle To Qualify

Why are tennis players fixing matches?

TVG focus on sports betting

FanDuel Reportedly Bets Big on TV

Pocono DQ Upends NASCAR Bettors at Sportsbooks

Baseball Enters a "Dangerous World" with Sports Betting

Sports Betting M&a: How the Economic Downturn Is Impacting Dealmaking

Victims of problem gambling beg clubs to drop betting sponsors

"Florida sports betting will probably end up at the Supreme Court

Victims of problem gambling beg clubs to drop betting sponsors

US Bookmaking Suing Elys For Alleged Breach Of Contract

PointsBet Quarterly Report


DraftKings Departure Lingers Over Kambi Earnings

German city to shut all betting shops amid money-laundering allegations

What Makes Us Bet Longshots?

Sportsbooks Finally Warm Up To Crypto

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