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Sports Gambling News for the Week Ending July 1st

By Bennett Liebman

FanDuel Leads The New York Online Sports Betting Market

Astonishing Scale of Betting Fraud and Sport Corruption

Woj Bomb Misses Mark, Sends NBA Draft Betting Markets Into Tizzy

Congressmen target offshore betting firms

Ad Says DraftKings CEO Bragged On CA Sports Betting Measure Tax Rate

In sports betting spat, tribes tout big backer against online giants

California ballot measures: What you need to know

PayPal Seizure Case With Gaming, DFS Implications Goes To Arbitration

Premier League takes gamble on betting company compromise

Women join sports gambling sportsbook apps at faster rate than men

FIFA Corruption Trial Underway Before First World Cup

Canadian Panel Discusses Future Of Online Sports Betting Industry

Top Sports Betting Startups in the US

Reaction: DraftKings To Put A Sportsbook In Wrigley Field

Fanatics In Talks To Acquire U.S. Sportsbook

DraftKings, FanDuel Must Defend Private AG Claims in State Court

How a small-time Vancouver bookie helped turn sports betting into a multibillion-dollar industry

Sports gambling has victims -- and they are typically highly educated young men

The rise of pitch-siding - how streaming has seen gambling seep further into Irish cricket

Swiss top court upholds ban on foreign online betting operators

NBA Adds To Ontario Sports Betting Partnership Portfolio

Weed And Wagers: The Concurrent Rise Of Cannabis And Sports Betting

Governor? What Governor? Maryland Sports Betting Committee Plods On

Washington Commanders appear to land Fanatics as sportsbook partner

RIP, William Thomas Ziemba

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