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Sports Gambling News for July 15th

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

By Bennett Liebman

New York legislators hail explosion in sportsbook as Bally's joins the party

Six Months In, How Can NY Online Sports Betting Improve?

Iden: New York Online Sports Betting Tax Rate 'Just Doesn't Work'

Opinion: Cry Me A River Over NY Sports Betting Tax Rate

Six Months In, NY Sports Betting Is Rewriting The Rules Of Revenue

The Brave New World Of Sports Wagering In Real Time

California Democrats Vote To Oppose Online Sports Wagering

DraftKings' CEO Tight-Lipped On California Sports Betting Initiative

Mobile sports betting in MD moves forward as race, gender criteria axed for now

Guy Fieri plans restaurant at Caesars Sportsbook

MGM Resorts International becomes an Official Partner of MLB Players

60-Year-Old Wire Act Still Has Teeth

SBC Summit: Sports betting margins are low, but do not preclude profitability

FanDuel's Howe: Consolidation Is Part Of Sports Betting's Future

Red Sox Want Sportsbook Near Fenway Park

Bars, Restaurants, And Sports Betting: A Triple Play Of Profit

States Fail To Mandate Gambling Education For Kids

Betting on women: Sports gambling app industry excited by growth of female users

Shutting Down Illegal Gambling Is Harder Than You Think

Not Everyone Is Bombarded By Sports Betting Ads: Here's Why You Are

Fake Indian Cricket League Swindles Russian Gamblers

Blocking the bookies: National register to stop problem gamblers' online bets

NCAA: Officials preparing for a 'waterfall' of betting partnerships

Panel Discusses Hazards of Sports Bets Involving NCAA Athletes

DraftKings Opens Betting For 2024 Presidential Election

Responsible Gaming to Make or Break Sports Betting in United States

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