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By Victoria Vitale

Edited by Elissa D. Hecker

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Ex-Prosecutor in ‘Rust’ Case Suggested Role ‘Might Help’ Her Campaign

Andrea Reeb, part of the team that charged Alec Baldwin with manslaughter, wrote in an email in June that the case could help her campaign for the state legislature.

Three Convicted in 2018 Murder of Rapper XXXTentacion

After more than 27 hours of deliberation, a Florida jury found three men guilty of killing the rising rapper during a robbery in the parking lot of a motorcycle shop.

Rwanda Announces Release From Prison of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero

Paul Rusesabagina, whose story inspired a Hollywood movie, was kidnapped by the Rwandan government, and jailed. In a deal brokered by the U.S., he has been set free.


A U.S. Court Has Handed a Legal Victory to Digital Artist Kevin McCoy in an Ownership Challenge Over the First-Ever NFT

The judge called the lawsuit an attempt to 'exploit' questions of open ownership. Kevin McCoy won a complete dismissal of claims brought against him regarding his creation in 2014 of what is generally understood to be the world’s first non-fungible token

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Ownership of $1.47 Million NFT

The legal battle over “Quantum” is part of a larger effort to define rules of ownership for digital artworks.

These Painters Regret Their Dealings With Scam Artists

Young artists say they often receive offers by email to purchase their paintings, but many are part of schemes to defraud them by using fake checks and phony shipping companies.

A Chew Toy for Dogs Provokes a Spirited Supreme Court Argument

The justices differed about whether the toy, shaped like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, violated the distiller’s trademark rights or was protected by the First Amendment.

He Brought an Artistic Flair to the Knight Foundation’s Philanthropy

In its 18 years under Alberto Ibargüen, the organization funded punk shows in Detroit and poetry dropped from helicopters in Miami. As he prepares to retire, he talks about what might be next.

No Prison Time for Book Thief

The former publishing employee who pleaded guilty to stealing unpublished book manuscripts was ordered to be deported and to pay $88,000 in restitution.

DNA From Beethoven’s Hair Unlocks Medical and Family Secrets

By analyzing seven samples of hair said to have come from Ludwig van Beethoven, researchers debunked myths about the revered composer while raising new questions about his life and death.

Rare Coin, Minted by Brutus to Mark Caesar’s Death, Is Returned to Greece

The gold coin, which dates from 42 B.C. and is valued at $4.2 million, is thought to have been looted from a field near where an army loyal to Brutus camped during the struggle for control of Rome.


For Years She Said a Coach Abused Her. Now She Has Named a Legend.

Jennifer Fox has long discussed what happened when she was 13 and her coach was 40. She even based a film on it. Now she has revealed the final detail: his identity.

University to Pay $14 Million After a Wrestler’s Heat Stroke Death

Grant Brace, 20, died after he begged for water during a practice at the University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky, according to a lawsuit brought by his family.


TikTok Claims It is Limiting Teen Screen Time. Teens Say It Isn’t.

This month, the company announced a new 60-minute “daily screen time limit” for users under 18. But for most young users, staying on the app takes just a few taps.

Beijing Denies Pressuring Companies Like TikTok to Spy for China

The Foreign Ministry rebuffed claims by U.S. lawmakers that TikTok could be a tool of surveillance for the Chinese government.

Tik Tok Stars Go On A Washington D.C. Field Trip

The TikTok creator Janette Ok, among several others, took part in a lobbying trip to Washington that was sponsored by the app in advance of the Congressional hearings on Thursday.

Meta Manager Was Hacked With Spyware and Wiretapped in Greece

Artemis Seaford, a dual U.S.-Greek National, was targeted with a cyberespionage tool while also under a wiretap by the Greek spy agency in a case that shows the spread of illicit snooping in Europe.

Video Testimony in the Covid Era Faces a Constitutional Test

Two criminal defendants have asked the Supreme Court to decide whether remote testimony against them violated the Sixth Amendment’s confrontation clause.

Crypto Entrepreneur and Celebrity Promoters Face S.E.C. Charges

The agency charged Justin Sun with violations of securities law in a scheme involving the actress Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities.

Lawmakers Blast TikTok’s C.E.O. for App’s Ties to China, Escalating Tensions

Lawmakers grilled Shou Chew, TikTok’s chief executive, over the app’s ties to its Chinese parent company and its effects on children, as Chinese officials said they opposed a sale of the platform.

Utah Law Could Curb Use of TikTok and Instagram by Children and Teens

The law, which prohibits social networks from allowing minors to have accounts without parental consent, may come as welcome news to many families even as it raises privacy concerns.

Fox Producer Says She Was Set Up in Dominion Case

The producer, Abby Grossberg, said in a pair of lawsuits that the effort to place blame on her and Maria Bartiromo, the Fox Business host, was rooted in rampant misogyny and discrimination at the company.

Fox and Dominion Urge Judge to Rule on Case

At the start of a pretrial hearing for the $1.6 billion defamation trial, the judge said he was still weighing whether to issue a summary judgment.

Fox Argues Top Executives Weren’t Involved in Voter Fraud Broadcasts

Lawyers for the company, which faces a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit, are pushing for a judge to rule in their favor before a trial.

The Younger Brother Caught in the Middle of the FTX Investigation

The collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s business empire has led federal prosecutors to scrutinize his brother, Gabe, who ran a pandemic-prevention group.

Conservatives Aim to Build a Chatbot of Their Own

After criticizing A.I. companies for liberal bias, programmers started envisioning right-wing alternatives, making chatbots a new front in the culture wars.

She Posted Online About the War in Ukraine. Then She Faced a Prison Term.

The case of Olesya Krivtsova, a Russian student who ended up on the Kremlin’s official terrorist list, has underscored the perils of using social media to criticize the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine.

Leader of Indian Party Opposing Modi Is Sentenced in Defamation Case

Rahul Gandhi, who leads the main opposition party, received a two-year sentence for a comment in 2019 criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

General News

Climate Change is Speeding Toward Catastrophe. The Next Decade is Crucial, U.N. Panel Says

A new report says it is still possible to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, but doing so will require global cooperation, billions of dollars, and big changes

Four Convicted of Obstruction on Jan. 6 in Final Oath Keepers Trial

The verdicts came after earlier trials in which other members of the far right pro Trump militia were convicted of seditious conspiracy for their roles in the Capitol attack

Appeals Court Orders Trump Lawyer to Hand Over Records in Documents Inquiry

The ruling compelling the lawyer, M. Evan Corcoran, to turn over documents came after a lightning round of appeals court filings overnight.

Trump’s Georgia Lawyers Seek to Quash Grand Jury Report

House G.O.P., Defending Trump, Targets Bragg Ahead of Expected Indictment

Three Republican committee chairmen sought to use their investigative power to involve themselves in the Manhattan district attorney’s criminal inquiry into the former president.

A Big Question for the Fed: What Went Wrong With Bank Oversight?

As the Federal Reserve reviews the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, and Congress prepares for hearings,

bank oversight is getting a closer look.

Justice Dept. Embraces Supporting Role in Pursuing War Crimes in Ukraine

Prosecutors are investigating war crimes against Americans but are mainly focused on helping Ukraine to hold Russians accountable for atrocities.

Senators Urge Biden to Send Evidence of Russian War Crimes to the I.C.C.

Despite Pentagon resistance, a bipartisan group stressed that Congress had voted to legalize support for the court’s Ukraine war investigations.

In Montana, It’s Youth vs. the State in a Landmark Climate Case

Sixteen young Montanans have sued their state, arguing that its support of fossil fuels violates the state Constitution.

Prosecutor in Trump Hush-Money Case Fires Back at House Republicans

The office of the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, said the committee chairmen’s attempts to intervene in the investigation were “unlawful.”

Trump Inquiries Present a Stress Test for Justice in a Polarized Nation

Attorney General Merrick Garland and other prosecutors have sought to demonstrate that politics should not infect the justice system. Those efforts face a steep challenge as the Trump investigations move ahead.

Former Trump Officials Must Testify in 2020 Election Inquiry, Judge Says

The ruling paves the way for testimony from Mark Meadows and others. Separately, a Trump lawyer appeared before a grand jury looking into the former president’s handling of classified documents.

Trump, Escalating Attacks, Raises Specter of Violence if He Is Charged

In an overnight post, the former president warned of “potential death and destruction” if he was indicted. Hours later, the Manhattan district attorney’s office received a threatening letter.

Michael Cohen’s Long Arc From Trump Ally to Chief Antagonist

He once said he would take a bullet for Donald Trump. Now, he’s hoping to help prosecutors put him away.

In Proud Boys Jan. 6 Sedition Trial, F.B.I. Informants Abound

The most recent informant to emerge from the trial is a Texas-based activist who became uncommonly close to some of the defendants, their lawyers and relatives.

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