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Theater News for the Week of February 5th

By Bennett Liebman

Actors' Equity Association Releases Statement Applauding the Introduction of the 'Protecting the Right to Organize' Act

National Endowment for the Arts Grants $27.5 Million in First Round of 2021 Funding

Center Theatre Group raises $700,000 on Zoom with RWQuarantunes party

'Color Purple' actress fired over homophobic posts sues theater

The Influence of Adrienne Kennedy

Bringing Stages to Storefronts in a Theater-Hungry City

Andrew Lloyd Webber urges the Government to trial 'game-changing' chemical spray

All the World's a Screen

They're Used to It,

Hal Holbrook was captivating as Mark Twain

Solo performers all owe a debt to Hal Halbrook

Come From Away to Be Filmed

So What Could a 'New Federal Theatre Project' Actually Look Like?

With Live Performances At Theaters Dark Due To Pandemic Restrictions

Actors' Equity seeks wages owed to Clay Aiken

SBA updates guidance and eligibility for Save Our Stages grants

Has the Pandemic Permanently Changed Live Theater?

The Conversation: Syracuse Stage presenting a virtual season

Philanthropic angels rescue some Colorado arts groups

Bastrop Opera House continues live events as COVID-19 surges in Texas

Theaters plan ahead to fill seats with in-person audiences

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