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Sports News for the Week of June 18th

By Bennett Liebman

College Athlete NIL Education Pits Campus Faculty Against Consultants,

Hopes Fade for Imminent Federal Deal on College Athletes, Pressuring N.C.A.A,

NCAA Braces for New-Age Madness

College Athletes Get Ready to Score Some Serious Cash

Bob Baffert Suspension Lawsuit New York Kentucky Derby

and complaint

Stockholder Derivative Suit v. Vincee McMahon

Monitoring Effect Of Hormone Levels and Manchester City Women,

The legal repercussions of Osaka's French Open withdrawal

Olympian's Failed Drug Test and a Burrito

NFL relocation legal battles still heating up, from Oakland to St. Louis,

NFL, Kroenke push again to toss lawsuit ahead of high-stakes trial

McLaren Investigating Two International Federation

Martins faces punishment for criticizing CONMEBOL's staging of Copa América

Herm Edwards under investigation for NCAA violations at Arizona State

NCAA investigation of ASU football: AD says, 'We're going forward',

Jennings: Women are being left behind amid NIL Senate Committee hearings

Biden administration announces new protections for transgender students

Court Greenlights Settlement in Online Fantasy Sports Multidistrict Litigation

New Texas Law Requires Pro Sports Teams To Play National Anthem

The uncomfortable truths that global sports and multinationals share

Houston Astros Fraud Suit Against Comcast Over Sale Greenlighted

Houston Astros Baseball Partners decision

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